Stefan Paz Berrios

Lecturer, IADT

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Stefan Paz Berrios is a lecturer in Design and User Experience. He lectures on the Masters and Postgraduate Diploma in User Experience Design, BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing, BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology, and BA (Hons) in Visual Communication Design. As a lecturer he has taught and supervised students in a wide range of disciplines including data visualisation, accessibility and web typography. His current research interests are motivated by the empowerment of people through accessible, robust and beautifully designed technology.
Most recently, he completed an Erasmus+ project that enabled migrants to upskill, integrate and set up their own business in Europe. The final output was the design, development and integration of a bespoke Virtual Learning Environment.
Stefan’s experience will play an important role in the development, and process-driven delivery of CFA content using novel hardware and software methodologies.