Professional Diploma in Circular by Design

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What is this course about?

A professional diploma for current industry professionals – whether you are a textile and apparel designer, buyer, brand or manufacturer.


This Prof Dip will equip you with the most essential knowledge on the latest circular solutions, innovations, certifications and regulations, as well as the skillset and network needed to practically apply this know-how to your own business and design practice.


Through interactive workshops, seminars with national and international experts and innovators and industry-led projects these programmes combine theory and practice and champion collaborative and pre-competitive processes.


Circular by Design is for postgraduate students who wish to dig deeper, textile and apparel designers, brands and manufacturers, who have a passion and interest in driving positive social and environmental impact through their business by adoption of circular practices.


Understand the main drivers of circularity in the textiles industry and the urgency for change.
Build a foundational knowledge of  the circular economy;  key elements and strategies and interlinkages with parallel sustainability theories and frameworks.
Gain an in-depth knowledge of circular design and business models, international trends and best practice and the challenges and opportunities stemming from practical application.


Explore the current impact and circular potential of your business and identify hotspots for innovation.
Redesign key value propositions, products, business models according to circular principles.
Develop a final circular concept/prototype, and roadmap towards implementation
Showcase your circular innovation at an event/festival.


Become part of the Circular by Design Community of Practice, and connect with a national and international network of peers, experts and innovators.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Educational Standard

All applicants are expected to present an approved Bachelor degree at minimum level of 2nd class honours (2.2)

Applicants who do not meet the minimum academic entry requirements may be considered on the basis of prior work or learning experience (RPEL). Candidates may be required to pass a qualifying examination set by the relevant department before being accepted to a Masters degree programme. Attendance at selected undergraduate lecture courses at NCAD, together with related written work may be prescribed.

You may apply for the programme if you are currently completing your Undergraduate Degree. NCAD will review the rest of your application If necessary, we can make you a Conditional Offer. When your degree is completed and you send us final transcripts we will upgrade this to a Full Offer.


Essential Supporting Documents

  1. A Statement of Interest – 500 words framing your reasons for applying to the programme. Please indicate a subject/discipline area that you believe can best advance your practice.
  2. A recent CV
  3. Certified transcripts of previous programmes followed
  4. Certified copies of degree / certificates and/or other appropriate third level qualifications bearing the official stamp of the institution.
  5. English Language Proficiency certificate
    • This is only required if English is not your first language.
    • You can see the full list of the English Language Qualifications NCAD recognises at this link.

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Fees and application process

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It is free to apply.


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Programme Contact

Gwen Cunningham:
Bernie McCoy:

Admissions Contact

01 636 4200


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